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Renters Insurance

If you rent in the Boise, Idaho area, let us help you make sure your personal property is covered. 

Renters Insurance

Protect what's yours

More and more people are renting these days and it presents a unique scenario for insurance. Why insure something that isn't yours? While you may not own the property, you're living there and if you act negligently resulting in someone else getting hurt, you're responsible for the cost of that accident. If the property you're renting burns down, your landlord's property coverage does not extend to you as a renter, meaning you'll be left with nothing in the event of a total loss. 

Renters insurance covers your personal injury liability, medical payments to others, your personal property and can also include numerous additional coverages like credit card coverage, theft coverage, earthquake coverage and loss of use coverage to help pay for additional living expenses if you're forced to live outside the home you're renting for any reason. Most people have personal property in their homes like TV's, appliances, clothing, jewelry, firearms, and furniture that can add up in value quickly and be hard to replace if they are damaged or destroyed. 

Most carriers offer renters insurance policies that are inexpensive relative to the amount of coverage provided, especially if you also insure your vehicle through the carrier, you'll most likely qualify for a multi-policy discount. If you're working towards home ownership, having prior renters insurance can help you get a lower rate for your homeowners policy when you buy a home and purchase insurance for it. 

Just because you don't own your home, doesn't mean you don't have the right to protect what's yours. We are passionate about protecting what's important to our clients and their families, let us show you why we're proud of the work we do. Contact us today if you have any questions about renters insurance or would like to request a quote. We'll never bill you or add fees on to your premium for our services because we believe in helping our community by providing excellent insurance services to those who need it most.