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Personal Umbrella Insurance

We've helped customers find personal umbrella coverage in the Boise, Idaho area for over 25 years, let us show you why we take pride in our work. 

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Above and beyond

Personal Umbrella Insurance is similar to Commercial Umbrella Insurance in that it is coverage that kicks in if your underlying policy's coverage runs out. Here's an example; you're involved in a car accident with an uninsured motorist and not only is your brand new vehicle, valued at $40,000, totaled but you and your family are seriously injured and through the process of going to the hospital, having surgeries and rehabilitation for three people, you have $750,000 of hospital bills. That's $790,000 of damages when combining the physical damage to the car and the personal injuries sustained by you and your family but your auto insurance policy only has $500,000 of coverage for uninsured motorists, leaving you to pay the remaining $290,000. 

That's where Personal Umbrella Insurance comes in. Sold as it's own policy, starting with $1,000,000 limits and going up from there, it covers what your underlying policy doesn't. Most umbrella policies are less than $400 a year, an extra $34 a month, and provide plenty of excess coverage should you and / or your family need it. Not only does it cover your auto policy, it covers your homeowners as well. It doesn't only cover accidents where you're not at fault either, if you are at fault and your limits of liability are reached, your umbrella policy will kick in to provide coverage in that scenario as well. 

This is all very important because if you reach the limits of your homeowners or auto insurance policies and are left with significant bills, your assets will be affected. You may lose your home, your retirement accounts, your checking and savings accounts and even your future earnings. This is a scary thought, losing everything we've worked for because of an unexpected accident. Our entire lives changing because of something we may or may not have been able to avoid. We can't go back in time and change what happened but we can prepare for the future, 

Contact us today for more information about umbrella insurance, either for your personal policies or your business. We're happy to provide a quote, look over your current policy to see if you're adequately covered or paying too much or help you further understand umbrella insurance policies.