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Landlord Insurance

HD Insurance offers solutions to landlords and real estate investors by simplifying the process of shopping for and purchasing coverage for their properties. We have numerous markets available and can even combine properties onto one policy. 

Landlord Insurance

Simplify the process of insuring your properties

We've seen an enormous shift in recent years, more and more people are investing in properties each year. Not only is this a smart financial decision for the investors but it also helps local communities grow and increases the value of the surrounding properties. As investors grow their portfolios, insurance can become tricky and laborious, no one knows this better than us. We've been working on a solution for investors over the last several months and are excited to be able to offer that solution to you! 

We have partnered with American Modern Insurance to be able to offer simple solutions to a variety of investors, from someone buying their first income property all the way to up to customers that have been buying rentals for years. Whether you're renting to long term tenants or listing your properties somewhere like Airbnb or VRBO for short term visitors, we have a solution for you. There are a variety of coverage options available and we're happy to find the best one for you. 

Because Airbnb and VRBO type renting are so new, until now it has been tricky to find an insurance company willing to cover that kind of exposure. American Modern is the solution. They offer both short and long term rental policies that are customized to best suit our customers. They also allow us to combine multiple properties onto one policy so instead of paying 5 premiums for 5 properties, you can list all your properties on one policy, pay one premium, and receive multi-property discounts! 

At HD Insurance we pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions that not only meet our clients needs but provide them with as much value as possible. We do not charge potential clients for quotes, existing clients for policy changes or consultations. We believe in helping the members of our community through the insurance buying process in a way that doesn't create stress, anxiety or uncertainty. If you would like to request a quote, compare your current policy or would like any additional information about our landlord coverage options, contact us today and let us show you why we take pride in the work we do.