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Homeowners Insurance

Insurance for homeowners in and around the Boise, ID area. We've proudly served our community for over 25 years. 

Homeowners Insurance

it's not just a house, it's a home

Homeowners insurance is crucial for many reasons. It protects our safe space, our prized possessions, our assets and our families. You've worked hard to become a homeowner, don't let an unexpected event take away what you've earned. Whether it's your first home, a vacation home or your dream home, we want to make sure it's protected. We only work with insurance companies that we trust to take care of our clients as well as we do. 

Using the experience we've gained over the last 20 years in the insurance industry, we help our clients navigate the insurance buying process. Making sure your home is not only insured for it's current value but in the event of a total loss, the replacement cost is covered as well. Insurance forms are generally the same from company to company, however, the additional limits and / or coverages are usually different. We help you understand what coverages you have now and explain what you'll be covered for when switching to a new carrier. 

We can bundle your policies for a multi-policy discount, something most carriers offer, or shop around if the savings aren't quite enough. We're willing to go the extra mile to not only make sure that you're covered, but to make sure you're not paying too much either. We do not charge fees for quotes, policy changes, renewals, advice or when acting as an intermediary between you and the carrier. We believe in helping our clients to the best of our ability without fees that may prevent them from asking for help or advice when they need it. 

Contact us today if you have questions about your current policy, regardless of whether or not it's with us, want to see if you're paying too much or would like a request a quote. Our staff are happy to assist you however we can, not just during the sale of your policy, but afterwards as well. If you have a claim, are planning on moving or anything else comes up during your policy's life, we're here to help.