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Health & Life Insurance

HD Insurance provides both individual and group health and life insurance policies. 

Health and Life Insurance

Protecting your family

HD Insurance feels strongly about Life Insurance and the importance of offering the right types of policies for our clients. Remember, our carrier Allied also offers life multi-policy discounts on Personal Lines and Commercial Lines which can make your Life Insurance very inexpensive when compared to standalone policies.

Today's economy has created a crisis where too many Americans don't have adequate Life Insurance protection. According to the industry research group LIMRA, 30 percent of US households have no life insurance whatsoever. A majority of families either have no Life Insurance or not enough, leaving them one accident, illness or tragedy away from a financial catastrophe for the business and their families.

One of life's rewards for working hard and saving for a rainy day is financial security. However, one of life's realities is the possibility of premature death, leaving financial obligations to your family. Life Insurance is the solution. Life Insurance can create an immediate cash fund for loved ones to secure the home and help the family pay for expenses.

Finding health insurance may seem like a daunting task these days. It seems like every time we get online or turn on the TV we hear or read about how unorganized, expensive and inadequate health insurance has become. Don't believe everything you hear. We've partnered with a local health insurance broker to offer access to policies ranging from top of the line coverage to the low premium, high deductible policies that are becoming more common as prices continue to rise. 

We may not have a solution to fix the nationwide health insurance dilemma but we can help you, and that's what matters most to us. 

Types of coverage available:

Group Health

Group Life

Group Dental

Group Disability

Pre-tax Plans

Administrative Service

Long-Term Care

Individual Health, Disability, and Life

Protect what matters most in your life with a policy from HD Insurance.