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Governmental Entity Insurance

Governmental Entity insurance services in Boise Idaho and the Pacific Northwest / Inter Mountain West regions. 

Governmental Entity Insurance Services

Each entity is different

To carry out their functions, governmental entities need an insurance and risk management partner that understands their unique exposures and issues that confront their organizations. With sensitive and volatile needs protecting a government entity poses many challenges. With the combined experience of the HD Insurance team, we have helped to provide insurance coverage to a wide range of government entities varying in size and complexity.

With access to a wide variety of markets we're able to identify the exposures your entity faces and find the best carrier for you. Each governmental entity is different, there are different policies and legislation in place that dictates how they must operate and the coverage that must be held. At HD Insurance we're able to navigate those differences and make sure that you're not only adequately covered but are within the sphere of those legislative policies.  

Whether there's a particular coverage you know you need or you want to make sure you're adequately covered, we would be happy to help you through that process. Contact us today if you have questions or would like to request a quote. You can count on the experts at HD Insurance to provide sound insurance advice without having to worry about being charged for that advice or any quotes we may provide.