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Employment Practices

Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) helps protect your business from employment related claims like harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and more.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance


Employment practices liability insurance, also know as EPLI, protects businesses and organizations from claims relating to employment. Harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or failure to promote are just a few examples of common claims. EPLI is unique, it is almost exclusively triggered by a lawsuit alleging wrongdoing, rather than an accident or occurrence that is easy to define and identify.

There are cut and dry examples of EPLI claims but they can also be largely open to interpretation. If an employee perceives an action, statement or even lack of action, not being put up for a promotion, to be a violation of employment practice law they can bring legal action against the employer. This is why 99% of EPLI claims end up in court which can make them extremely expensive and lengthy.

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Most large companies and corporations have extensive policies, procedures and legal departments that address employment practices. Very few small or new businesses have the resources to employ legal teams, they may not have policies for handling and addressing these claims in place and are more vulnerable to EPLI claims because of it.

Being dragged through litigation is messy for anyone but can be detrimental for a business owner who is already overwhelmed or constantly busy with the task of running a business. Additionally, if the claimant wins the suit, the penalties can often run you out of business or force you into bankruptcy. An EPLI policy not only defends you in court but can also pay out any damages awarded to the claimant.

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