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Crime Thank You Page

Thank you for requesting a quote!


We will reach out to you soon and are excited about the opportunity to serve you. HD Insurance has been providing crime coverage for businesses and nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. We use the experience we've gained during that time to find the policy that will best fit your needs. Did you know that the most common forms of crimes committed against businesses are employee dishonesty or theft, credit card fraud and computer fraud? 

We are glad you're taking the steps to protect your business and it's assets. A lot of startups and new business ventures overlook crime coverage, putting it off until they are in a better financial position. We have seen many new businesses struggle more than they need to or fail because they experience a large, uncovered loss from a crime. 

Do you know of a business owner or decision maker within an organization that may need crime coverage? We would love to help them too. The level of service we provide our clients is something we're proud of and what sets us apart. We often refer customers to our existing clients and are very grateful when you do the same for us.