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What Could Boise have in Common with Uzbekistan?


What do places like Sao Paolo Brazil, Copenhagen Denmark, Uzbekistan, Fiji, Zambia and our own Boise Idaho have in common? It shouldn’t be immediately obvious, each of these locations are on different continents, use different currencies, speak different languages and have their own customs and traditions. One is an island, three are countries, one is the capital city of the countries it’s located in and one is the capital city of our great state.

Still can’t figure it out? Each and every one of these cities, including Boise, have been added to Travel + Leisure’s 50 best places to travel in 2018. That’s right, Boise, Idaho is listed alongside cities like Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Bali, Greenland and 45 other amazing destinations worth visiting in the coming year. We’re very excited to see our city on this list but it’s not all that surprising.

Over the last decade Boise, and/or Meridian, have been listed as one of the top American cities to live every single year. Some of the reasons are the low rate of crime, our schools, safe neighborhoods, access to nature for recreation enthusiasts, growing economy and our many parks. Boise seems to have its hooks set in many of the people who live here for the reasons listed above and many more.

Doug has lived in Idaho since the mid 80’s after moving to McCall following his graduation from the University of Montana in Missoula. After a few years in McCall he and his wife Carol moved to the north end in Boise to start a family. He has called Boise home ever since, nearly 30 years of life in Boise and he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Drew was born in Boise and after brief stays in Wisconsin and Montana for college came back to Boise and has settled in on the Bench, one of our favorite parts of the city. It seems like no matter where you live in Boise, you’re just minutes away from everything. Pick a direction and within a few minutes you’re in the middle of nowhere, either surrounded by desert or mountains and forests.

We have the Boise River, Lucky Peak reservoir, Bogus Basin, Quinn’s Pond, The Greenbelt, a quickly growing downtown area with many new hotels and restaurants, Tablerock, the historic Idaho State Penitentiary neighbored by the beautiful Idaho Botanical Gardens, a plethora of hiking and mountain biking trails, amazing nonprofits like the Discovery Center of Idaho and so much more that all make Boise a unique and amazing place to live.

Nowhere is perfect, sure our airport could be bigger or have more flights to and from major cities, the traffic could be better, and we could do without the inversions or seasonal wildfires. But what Boise lacks in some areas are more than made up for in others. Part of what has drawn so many people to this area over the last 20 years is the sense of community, the smiling faces downtown at the mall and now the Village at Meridian, the many activities and events that happen regularly and the cost of living.

Being included in Travel + Leisure’s list is very exciting for us, some residents seem to think there are already enough people in Boise, that the roads can’t handle any more traffic or that the growth has harmed our area more than it’s helped. We beg to differ, while there are always growing pains, we see the enormous growth Boise has experienced over the last twenty years as a catalyst to propel our city into the future and an opportunity to work on some of the drawbacks to living here.

As we’ve grown so has the demand for better infrastructure, as we’ve seen throughout downtown and all over I-84. The homes we live in and property we own have grown in value, our population has become more diverse and our economy has been booming. We’ve felt the sting of places like HP and Micron laying off workers, but our unemployment rate is as low as it’s been since 1953, when one job ends, 2 more have been created by entrepreneurs, rising demand for social services or growing local and regional businesses.

What do you love about Boise? What are some of your favorite things to do throughout the year? Is there anything you look forward to doing each year like floating the river on opening weekend, skiing at Bogus Basin on their opening day or hiking up Tablerock when the hills are still green and full of wildflowers? We want to know why you like living in Boise, so leave a comment!

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