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What Are You Grateful For?


With Thanksgiving coming up next week we’re thinking about all the things we’re grateful for here at HD Insurance. That’s what the holidays are all about right? Being with friends and loved ones, reflecting on the relationships we have, the things we’re grateful for and the areas of our lives that bring us joy, content and comfort. We thought it would be a good time to share with you the things we think are worthy of gratitude no matter who you are or what your life may be like.

Life. No matter where you are, whether you’re happy with your life or wish things were different, life is always something to be grateful for. The odds of winning the lottery are one in 175 million, meanwhile the odds of any one of us being born were one in 400 trillion. There are an infinite number of factors that led up to us getting the chance to live life, from everything our ancestors lived through to the way the world has changed, and continues changing, that makes it a place where life is possible.

Again, life. Tragedies happen every day. We get sick, sometimes from incurable diseases or cancer. We lose loved ones and friends. The fact that we’re all alive to read this, breathe the air outside and enjoy the holiday meals that are coming to us over the next two months is a miracle. Life is not something we’re all entitled to, it’s a chance we’ve been given that is not something to take for granted.

I don’t know about you, but I would way rather be a human than a fish. Now, I have nothing against fish, or any other animal, but being human is like winning the lottery. The ways we’re able to communicate, love, function and adapt are not experiences many other living organisms are able to have. Being human brings so many gifts with it, when any other organism gets sick, with the exception of our beloved pets, there isn’t another similar being whose profession is bringing them back to full health. When a tree gets a disease, other trees don’t come to its aid.

You’re reading this right now, either on a phone, tablet or computer. You’re using technology that didn’t exist 30 years ago to either entertain or educate yourself. The fact that you have access to these technologies and devices when there are millions, possibly billions, of people who have never connected to a network that provides access to the internet or used a smartphone, tablet or computer is something to be grateful for.

 It’s 2017! The pace that we’re developing as a society is one the world has never seen. There always has been, and always will be, something negative to focus on, if that’s what we choose to do. However, wonderful things are constantly happening all around us. The internet has brought us amazing new tools to connect, find answers to the questions we have, meet new people who may be able to help us or that we could help in some way and the possibility of rapid advancement, which we think is very exciting.

We are certainly not advocating that anyone completely ignore the things in life, our society or the world that could be better or that bring suffering to others. We’re just trying to remind everyone that within the negativity, this is an incredible time to be alive and we’re grateful to be a part of it. We love activists, those in search of social equality and respect and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping the sick and/or less fortunate, but we sincerely hope you do not let the negative or hard to deal with aspects of your life run your thoughts, feelings or emotions.

There is always something to be grateful for when we’re willing to search for it. Life is a gift we get to unwrap every morning when we wake up. Nothing is holding any of us back from living the life we want except ourselves, the beliefs we have or believing the opinions of others. If you want something different, to change your life or to try something new, go do it and be grateful for the opportunity.

What are you grateful for? Share some of the things you're grateful for in the comments for an extra entry into our next contest! We're giving away something very exciting! 

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