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How We Like To Enjoy Autumn

Autumn is here and that means it’s time to find new ways to enjoy the outdoors! We love summer as much as the next person but fall gives us the opportunity to enjoy the things we love doing outside without having to worry about temperatures that have us running for the air conditioner. The month of November in Idaho is a month of change, temperatures tend to drop dramatically, the days continue to get shorter and all the leaves that stayed on trees through October take their plunge.

Rather than be deterred by the cold weather, we like to get outside and enjoy things like hiking, rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking, walks on the greenbelt and, of course, enjoying the many hot springs that Idaho has to offer. Idaho is such an amazing state to live in, no matter where you are, you can be in the middle of nowhere within 30 minutes. We thought this would be a great time to share some of our favorite local gateways to the outdoors with you!

We will start with the foothills. While Tablerock is always a great hike, there are SO many trails to hike, trail run or mountain bike, some are even open to horseback riding! Some of our favorites are the Oregon Trial Reserve trails southeast of Boise near the junction of Highway 21 and Warm Springs Avenue, the Military Reserve trails that begin at the dog park off Reserve Street, the Polecat Gulch trail system that can be accessed from Cartwright Road or at the end of Collister Road and the plethora of trails accessible from the Hulls Gulch / Camels Back reserve area in the north end.

Next we’ll talk about some of the places we love to go rock climbing. There are a couple different ways to enjoy the rocks; traditional top-rope climbing and free climbing, or bouldering, are the two most common ways people enjoy climbing. For top-roping, the Black Cliffs are located on the way to Lucky Peak reservoir on the north side of the canyon. There are over 200 routes at the Black Cliffs that vary in difficulty. If you are looking for somewhere to boulder, or free climb, there are more options. Tablerock has some great boulder problems, as do areas like Swan Falls, Mores Mountain and Reynolds Creek. For information about these climbs you can visit www.rockclimbing.com.

The greenbelt has been growing more and more over the last decade or so with paved paths on both sides of the river from Barber Park all the way past the Glenwood bridge in Garden City. Right now is an especially great time to walk because there are so many different kinds of trees that show their fall colors in unique ways! We love starting in Garden City and walking west towards Eagle, the path opens up after a mile or so and is beautiful!

We love the activities we’ve already mentioned because we love to get out an exercise and the physical activity helps warm us up as the temperatures drop. If you want to warm up without the work there are many hot springs within a few hours of us! The Springs opened a few years ago near Idaho City and they provide an upscale experience. Gold Fork Hot Springs is one of our favorites because it is located in the heart of the mountains between Cascade and McCall. They have six pools that range from 85 to 110 degrees in temperature. Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs is also a great option, they are located near Hagerman and have quite a few different options depending on what kind of experience you would like to have. They have private pools, VIP pools and public pools, all at varying cost. They also offer spa and massage packages, check out everything they have to offer by visiting their website!

If you want a more rugged hot springs experience there are also many non-commercial options around Boise. These usually require a hike of some kind and offer a very secluded experience. These are no secret so don’t expect to be the only people there. You can learn about all the non-commercial springs on idahohotsprings.com.

If there is anything you love to do in the autumn that we haven’t mention please let us know in the comments, we’re always looking for new experiences! We hope that you enjoy fall as much as we do.