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GoodWell Certified

As of July 2017 HD Insurance has been Goodwell certified! But what does that really mean? There are many certifications that businesses can receive these days and some of them seem to carry more weight than others. Goodwell is a public benefit corporation, based in Boise, that strengthens employee satisfaction by certifying fair, equitable and humane workplace practices. They have a metric system that analyzes 11 different aspects of the employer / employee relationship and all 11 metrics must be passed to receive certification.

Goodwell's certified organizations range from small businesses, like us, to global nonprofits and large municipalities. Their metrics are designed to work for any employer regardless of size, industry, geography or organizational structure. At HD Insurance we believe in fair, ethical and personal treatment of not just our employees but of our clients and their employees as well. We hear far too often from various media outlets stories of employees or customers of companies, all over the world, being treated unfairly or taken advantage of.

If you are curious about Goodwell or becoming certified you can click on the image above to be taken to their website. We are grateful that there are organizations like Goodwell out there who value and strive to create positive workplace environments within as many companies / organizations as possible.