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Employment Practices Liability Insurance


Employment Practices Liability Insurance, commonly known as EPLI, is a very valuable policy for any business owner and is becoming crucial as employees become more vocal when they feel that they’ve been discriminated against, harassed in some way or wrongfully terminated.

Working with an HR consulting firm, like Ameriben, can provide many benefits and resources to employers that want to develop policies and procedures that create a stable, respectful and equal workplace, but your HR provider can only do so much. The main thing your HR provider can’t do is pay for your defense costs or compensatory dollars, that’s where EPLI comes in.

One difference between a traditional commercial coverage, like business auto or commercial general liability, and EPLI is that an employment practices claim almost exclusively results in a lawsuit. As we all know, spending time in court can become very costly, very quickly.

Another difference is that most commercial claims arise out of an accident, or incident, that is easy to identify and understand. For example, if you own a retail store and a customer slips and falls, that’s an easily identifiable accident.

Employment practices claims can be cut and dry too, but they also have much more to do with perception. If an employee perceives an action, statement or even lack of action, not being put up for a promotion, to be a violation of employment practice law they can bring legal action against the employer.

More and more people are advocating for themselves and speaking up when they feel an injustice has occurred. Some of these cases quickly get widespread attention thanks to social media and the ease of spreading information.

This can be a double-edged sword, it has employers, executives and management being more considerate with their actions, but it can also lead to false accusations from people looking to gain attention or earn money from a suit.

As with most lawsuits, if someone has the money or finds a lawyer willing to represent them, it doesn’t matter how outlandish the claim may be, employers are still required to show up to court to tell their side of the story.

Employment practices insurance provides coverage to employers for claims made by employees alleging discrimination based on sex, age, race, disability, wrongful termination, harassment, failure to promote or other employment related issues.

Most large companies or corporations not only have substantial resources to defend themselves but extensive legal departments to deal with just about any employment lawsuit. However, small or new businesses can be much more vulnerable to employment claims because they lack those resources or experience.

HD Insurance has decades of experience providing businesses of all sizes affordable and comprehensive employment practices liability insurance. When you combine strong HR resources with a solid EPLI policy you are not only protecting yourself but you’re protecting your employees as well. If you would like more information about EPLI you can get it from the experts at HD Insurance by calling 208-344-6565 or by answering a few questions.