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5 Reasons To Volunteer For A Nonprofit If You're A Millennial

At HD Insurance we love working with nonprofits. Helping organizations whos goals are almost always centered around helping people is something that is very exciting to us. Another thing we enjoy doing is volunteering our time to organizations we believe in. Not only are we helping those who help others but there are numerous benefits we receive as well and we believe that many of these benefits can help millennials who are just getting started in their careers, still trying to find a job they are content with or that just want to better themselves.

1. Networking. Whether you're established in your career or still looking for the job that will propel you into the future, networking is never a bad thing. If you find an organization or a cause you believe in to give your time to, it is very likely that you'll meet people who share your values and beliefs. If you're in a sales or service position it's a great way to meet people that you may end up working with, or getting referrals from, in the future because people are more likely to recommend you if they know you are the kind of person that gives their time to others. If you're still looking for a career, you may meet someone that can help you on your search!

2. Experience. In a world where job descriptions are always growing and changing, more and more experience is required for consideration and skills are becoming more valuable it is always a good idea to learn new things or build upon existing skills. You may improve your communication skills, time management skills, gain leadership experience or any number of other valuable skills. Volunteering also looks very attractive on a resume!

3. Getting out of yourself. For whatever reason, millennials are often seen as selfish, self centered or entitled. We're not saying this is a belief we share, this post is actually being written by a millennial, but it is something we have noticed. Regardless of whether or not it is true, we can't think of a better way to work towards changing that reputation. Becoming generous, charitable and willing to give back in a public setting will go a long way towards not only changing our image but bettering ourselves.

4. Expressing yourself. In a time when social media use continues to grow and information is shared and delivered rapidly we find ourselves in a time where beliefs are created and changed constantly. Volunteering is a great way to express those beliefs without fear of backlash in a comments section from strangers. It gives us a space to share our beliefs, opinions and ideas with like minded people while either being inspired or inspiring others.

5. It feels good! Whenever I volunteer, I end up leaving feeling like I gained more from it than I gave. It is one of the best ways to get our minds off worry, stress or uncertainty. Studies, like this one, have shown that those who volunteer are happier, feel more fulfilled, confident and even live longer than those who don't. It connects us to like minded people and organizations or causes that we believe in which can have life long benefits.

Now that we've listed some benefits of volunteering you might be wondering how to get involved. Do some research, look on Facebook for an organization or cause you believe in. Most of the time you can either send them a message or go to their website where they, almost always, have a volunteer form to fill out for the next time they need help. We work with many nonprofits in the Mountain West / Pacific Northwest area that are always looking for volunteers for their projects or events and we would be happy to point you in their direction! Give us a call or send us a message on Facebook!