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Check Out Our Latest Giveaway!

We’ve partnered with The Discovery Center of Idaho for our latest giveaway! We’re very excited to work with such a great organization that has been a staple of Boise for many families throughout the years. I grew up in Boise and remember getting very excited about going to The Discovery Center frequently throughout my childhood. We want to give that same excitement back to one lucky family in our community that will receive a one day family pass.


The Discovery Center was founded in 1988 and has always been dedicated to inspiring lifelong interest and learning in science, technology, engineering and math. They are one of the many local nonprofits we value so much and love to see succeed. Throughout the years they have featured many exhibits, like their recent Planet Shark exhibit which educated visitors about the history and evolution of sharks through models cast from real animals, an extraordinary collection of real teeth and jaws and extremely old and rare fossils, some of which are up to 370 million years old! They also had high definition underwater footage that the world had never seen before.

They are very excited about their next exhibit which will start on October 21st and be open to the public through the 21st of January. Get ready to bust some myths, that’s right, the next exhibit at The Discovery Center of Idaho is MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition! Visitors will learn about myths, the series MythBusters and what experimenting is all about by participating in fun, hands-on experiences that will cover topics such as flight, friction, gravity, speed and combustion. We are also very excited about this because we used to watch MythBusters regularly and loved watching the crew determine through experiments whether many common myths were true or false, always in a very entertaining fashion.

This is the second of many giveaways we will be doing through our Facebook page to give back to the community we love and enjoy so much. Last month we gave away two unlimited ride passes to the Western Idaho Fair, now we’re giving away a family pass to The Discovery Center of Idaho! The family pass will give two adults and up to four children access to the center for an entire day of educational fun! From our own experience, this is a great place to take your family on a fall afternoon, with it’s proximity to Julia Davis Park, you can enjoy the outdoors as well with views of the Boise River just a few minutes away.

You can find the details about how to win on our Facebook page tomorrow morning. We plan on continuing our giveaways into the future so like us on Facebook for your chance at many more prizes to come!

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