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What Can We Do For Nonprofits?

Last week we attended the 14th Annual Nonprofit Statewide Conference at the Riverside Hotel in Boise. We really enjoyed spending time with so many great organizations, learning about their purpose, what they do well and what they struggle with. There were many great speakers that touched on everything from leadership to obtaining funding and defining their purpose. These are just some of the topics that were discussed and that nonprofits work through every single day.

Nonprofits typically fall into two categories, those that have more than enough money to accomplish their goals and those that don’t. This can be for any number of reasons but one of those reasons is because there is only so much funding available for nonprofits. Most ask for federal or state grants and / or private donations while some provide a service or, more commonly, sell a product with all proceeds going towards their cause.

Because nonprofits work on a limited budget it can be hard to find experienced leaders to help them reach their goals. Many nonprofits have to navigate business and political climates and to get to where they want to be. Sometimes legislation prevents them from finishing what they start or they get caught in a lawsuit that eats up the funds they’ve managed to collect.

It seems odd that nonprofits, most of which have the sole goal of helping others, have such a hard time accomplishing their goals but it is the sad truth. This is why we at HD Insurance do everything we can to support and help nonprofits on their pursuit to help others. With all the obstacles and hardships they face, there are ways we can help nonprofits achieve their goals.

Volunteer. Most nonprofits hold events, collect donations in the form of food, clothing, household items and money, have community outreach and mentoring programs and give back to the communities they serve in numerous ways. They are always looking for people to volunteer for those events, donate time working in their locations, participate in their community outreach / mentoring programs and help them collect donations whether it's on the phone or working with private donors. 

Another great way we can help nonprofits is to donate what we can afford to give. If you're like us and can't afford the high dollar donations that fund months or even years of an organizations operations don't be discouraged, every donation helps. Every dollar they receive is, in some way, used to further their cause. Donations are almost always tax deductible so you will see benefits from your donation in your own life and know that someone else is benefiting from it too. 

We can also help nonprofit organizations by helping to spread their message. It has never been easier to spread information than it is now with social media, email, blogging and smartphones. In less than a minute we can share a message with hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Chances are someone on your friends list or one of your followers will be interested in the organization you're sharing and will take a moment to research and possibly even reach out to see how they can help. 

These may sound like obvious ways to help but we found that a surprising amount of people have to search the internet for local nonprofits when asked which one is their favorite. More and more nonprofits are being started every year and most of them have the mission of helping people by advocating for human rights, giving to the less fortunate, helping the communities they live in, helping the disadvantaged by creating opportunities that many of us take for granted or providing basic services or products like fresh water or power to those that don't have access to it. 

At HD Insurance we have always been passionate about helping nonprofits and take pride in that work. We have been helping organizations understand their insurance needs and finding the right, and affordable, insurance coverage for over 20 years. Insurance can be a tricky thing to navigate which is why we're always willing to help those who help others on their quest for success. 

If you have a nonprofit or are thinking about starting one and are unsure of what your insurance needs are or would like a quote to make sure you're not currently paying too much, contact us today for more information or check out our Nonprofit Insurance Services page. We never charge for advice or to provide a quote, we are happy to help however we can.