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When To Buy Insurance


We’ve been doing insurance for a long time now, over 25 years. We’ve seen numerous trends, insurance industry changes, risks come and go, like cyber liability which didn’t exist prior to the internet, and we’ve also seen customer habits change throughout the years. One habit that hasn’t changed is when people shop for insurance. There are some outliers but for the most part, people don’t shop for insurance until the last minute. We understand this, I mean who wants to talk insurance, but we encourage all our clients to shop well before they need to.

There are many reasons why we do this. It gives us time to shop around with the various insurance carriers that we’re appointed with. This usually allows us to find the policy that provides the most value at a competitive price. It also gives us enough time to learn everything we can about our clients, potential clients and their organizational exposures. We look at the insurance quoting process like an interview, we ask questions, do research and even tour the facilities to make sure there’s nothing left out when we submit an application to the insurance carrier.

If you’re an individual we go through a similar process. We don’t come to and inspect your home or vehicle but we take the time to gather the information we need to provide the best options. We know that insurance isn’t something hardly anyone enjoys discussing but we also know that everyone wants to know that they are covered in the event of a loss or accident. Insurance is like a life vest for swimmers and / or boaters, it’s not something that we need all the time but when it is needed, it can help save your life.

We’re not saying that without insurance your life is at risk but we’ve seen and read about many people who’ve lost everything because they weren’t adequately covered. If you’re a business owner or a nonprofit and your organization is growing, your exposure to risks is also growing. Many insurance carriers will deny a claim if you’re not reporting and purchasing limits that reflect that growth. If you’re an individual and don’t report the purchase of a new home, a second home or a vehicle, coverage will be excluded.

The sooner you start the shopping process, report changes or add additional policies the better. Not only does it show the insurance company that you’re on top of your operation but many companies offer discounts for quotes created a certain amount of time before coverage starts. It shows financial responsibility that you’re looking for coverage ahead of time and you will be rewarded for that. As we mentioned previously, it could also lead to a more competitive price because we’ve been able to determine which carrier you’ll fit best with.

We recommend reaching out to us, or your current agent, about a month before you want your coverage to start. We typically meet with our clients one to two months prior to their renewal. This gives us time to report any changes they've made in the last year to the insurance company and provide a new quote if necessary. 

The main reason why we encourage everyone to begin their buying process sooner than later is because it’s in your best interest to do so, and that’s what is most important to us. Everything we do is in the best interest of our clients and our community. Even if you don’t buy your insurance from us, we want you to be covered and to have as much knowledge about what you’re purchasing as possible. In a world where quick sales, discreet marketing tactics and long contracts that no one ever reads are used more than ever, we want you to be informed.

If you’re starting a business, a nonprofit, curious about your options or planning on making a change contact us today for a free quote or consultation. We simply want our community, our clients and our friends to know that they can count on us for honest and thorough advice.

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