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Helping Those Who Help Others


“Helping Those Who Help Others.” This is something you see from us almost constantly. It’s been in some of our blog posts, it’s spread throughout the pages on our site, it’s in our email signatures and it’s on our business cards. This is not only our slogan, it’s our mission and something we believe in doing every single day. We have focused our efforts over the last decade on serving the people in our community that serve others.

We are one of the largest insurers of nonprofit organizations in the state of Idaho and that’s something we’re proud of. Most nonprofits that we work with are in their growing periods, within the first 5 years of incorporation, and need help now more than any other time. They rely on private and public funding that can be extremely difficult and time consuming to obtain.

Dedicating ourselves to these clients is very important to us. Their resources are already stretched thin so finding affordable coverage without being charged processing, paperwork or filing fees is crucial. We don’t charge anything for our services to both our nonprofit and for-profit business clients. We believe in providing the best level of service to our community without extra fees for many reasons but the most important one is that we don’t feel like anyone should have to pay for peace of mind.

Knowing that you, or your organization, are covered in the event of an accident provides that peace of mind. When we’re working with a nonprofit, we know that one lawsuit, one mistake or one accident could turn into a scenario that could very well force them to halt their efforts permanently. The last thing we want to see is an organization that exists to help people in need fail because they weren’t sure what kind of insurance coverage they needed, they couldn’t find coverage they could afford or they are overcharged for their current policies.

We use our expertise in the insurance field, that we’ve developed over the last 25 years, to answer questions, provide quotes and offer consulting to organizations that are unsure about what they need or why they need it. What we’ve found through working with nonprofits is that there is not a clear understanding of the types of insurance needed or why they’re needed. This is why we do things like participate in the Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Call an Expert and attend the Annual Nonprofit Conferences.

We also like to take an active role in the nonprofit community by participating in and volunteering for various charitable events. So far in 2017 we’ve participated in Idaho Gives and volunteered our time to organizations like the Khumbu Climbing Center and Wishes for Warriors. Doug spent a month in Nepal this last winter at the Khumbu Climbing Center teaching Sherpas basic safety techniques and will be returning in 2018.

If you are the founder of a nonprofit, or on the decision-making team, and are curious about what your insurance needs are, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our agents. We’re here to serve our community however we can and are happy to help those who help others.

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