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Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month here in America and at HD Insurance, that’s something we take very seriously. Domestic abuse is a very serious problem that many people deal with on a daily basis. It can be confusing, frightening, painful and emotional to the victims and there are many cases in which the abusers walk free because their victims are too afraid to report the abuse. We’d like to see that change, we’d like to live in a society where domestic abuse is minimized and those affected are able to get the help they need to break the cycle and free themselves of abuse.

We’ve worked with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance for many years now and are very proud of the work that they do. They provide safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault and have been doing so since 1910. They have programs for women, children and even men who have been victims of either domestic abuse or sexual assault that help them find safe shelter, they help with the healing process through therapy services, support groups and client advocacy and they help provide freedom through case management and residential classes in financial literacy, nurturing parenting and life skills.


We recently received our new shirts for The Clothesline Project, a project we’ve participated in for many years. We keep our shirts on display year-round because domestic abuse isn’t exclusive to one month of the year, it’s something victims can endure at any time. The shirts display powerful messages about how abuse affects its victims and their resiliency to continue their fight for an abuse free life. It is an exercise in art therapy that can help victims release the feelings that accompany living through a traumatic experience like being abused.

According to some studies, less than 1% of domestic violence cases are reported to the police. Those studies also show that between 10 and 35% of the population will be physically aggressive towards a partner at some point in their lives. Women are much more likely to be victims of abuse, 85% of victims are women. Between 2001 and 2012 6,488 troops were killed in either Afghanistan or Iraq. During that same time 11,766 women were murdered by either current or former male partners, almost double the number of casualties of one of the longest wars in history.

The statistics relating to domestic abuse are unbelievable. We could go on and on listing them but we think it’s better to bring awareness about the solution than the problem. There are many organizations like the Women’s and Children’s Alliance all over the country that are solely devoted to helping victims of domestic abuse. We applaud these groups for the tireless work that they do to spread awareness, help victims and advocate for changes in how we look at abuse and how we punish abusers.

For too long victims of abuse have been made to feel like they’re somehow at fault, either by their abusers, police or healthcare professionals when they do get the courage to report the violence. Each case is different, with varying circumstances surrounding each one, but we believe that no one deserves to be put through the trauma of abuse, no one “asked for it” or brought it upon themselves. Violence is not a solution, it is not a tool and it is not something that should be as common as it is.

Some of the ways we can try to prevent and even stop domestic abuse can be found in this article by New Republic. They talk about how crucial prevention programs can be, call for making penalties for domestic violence consistent and firm and increasing funding for support services. They also wish to change the way family courts handle cases involving domestic violence and to help women become economically dependent so that they do not feel trapped by their abusers, wondering how they could ever make ends meet without them.

There are many, many ways we can help spread awareness, prevent and even end domestic abuse. We can get involved with local organizations, we can research the signs of abuse so we can recognize them, we can donate our time and money to prevention groups, women’s and children’s shelters and we can help spread the word about domestic abuse so that more people realize how many women, children and men are affected by it.

At HD Insurance we are passionate about being positive members of our community. We do this by dedicating ourselves to our clients, providing services to anyone that is seeking advice on insurance or insurance related products, with no service or consulting fees, and by promoting the organizations that we believe are making positive changes. If you have any questions or would like to know how you can help, contact us today for more information.