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HD Insurance is committed to providing quality insurance products for Nonprofits, Businesses, Professionals, and Governmental Entities. As a locally owned and operated insurance agency in Boise, ID, we proudly serve clients throughout Idaho, the Pacific Northwest / Inter-mountain West, along with some National Organizations. By combining our strong business operations knowledge, insurance background and product knowledge we can best assist both current and future clients in managing and planning for all types of risk and exposures to loss.

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Areas of Expertise

Over the last 25 years the professionals at HD Insurance have been working hard to find solutions for business owners, nonprofit directors, professionals and governmental entities. We’ve also built relationships with numerous insurance carriers which gives us the ability to find the most competitive policy without cutting corners. We know that the bottom line for most business owners is saving money but that saving time and developing trust are also very important. We work hard to earn your trust, save you money and take up as little of your time as we can.

Nonprofit insurance

We’ve been helping nonprofits find coverage for over 20 years. Nonprofits can vary greatly from one to another but what we’ve found is that they almost exclusively want to help others which is why we want to help them. We have the expertise and the markets to find coverages like general liability, hired and non-owned auto, directors and officers, improper sexual conduct and workers compensation.

Governmental Entities

HD Insurance is one of the leading insurers for governmental entities in Idaho. We insure counties, soil and water conservation districts, fire protection districts, cities and many other governmental entities. We have a longstanding relationship with ICRMP, the carrier for such entities, and decades of experience. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can simplify your insurance needs.

General Business

Whether you’re a one man contractor or a large scale manufacturing plant, chances are we’ve helped a business similar to yours at one point. We have experience helping businesses of all kinds find the insurance they need and develop risk management procedures. The experts at HD Insurance understand that running a business takes time and effort so we’ve taken the hassle out of protecting it.

Workers compensation

We have partnered with numerous carriers to help employers find workers compensation coverage for their employees. We also work closely with our clients to develop risk management strategies and claim handling plans to minimize not just the amount of claims, but the overall cost. Keeping claim costs low helps keep your premium low and could even qualify you for experience based discounts.

Professional Liability

The field of professionals is growing rapidly. From accountants to business or environmental consultants, we see more and more each year. Professional liability helps protect professionals from lawsuits arising from the advice, consulting services or strategies they offer to their clients. We want to see professionals succeed without worrying about being dragged through the litigation process.

Employment Practices Liability

Also know as EPLI, employment practices liability insurance is often misunderstood or overlooked by the businesses that need it the most. Small and / or new businesses often don’t have employment handbooks or policies and procedures set up to help prevent accusations of harassment, discrimination or other EPLI claims which sets them up for failure. Let us help you protect your business with a solid EPLI policy.

Doug and the crew at HD Insurance catch things about our coverage I never would have thought about, adding the protection in areas we’ve often overlooked.
— Dave Green